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Smart operations for Green Hydrogen
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We empower your Green Hydrogen Production with data insights
By creating a complete end-to-end data solution for monitoring, analytics and optimization of green hydrogen production plants, we make sustainable solutions more competitive. Understand your power flows, improve the economy of operations and serve your end customers with the data insights they need - made possible by Hydragonix cloud solution for hydrogen.
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Decarbonization at heart
Heavy Industries and Mobility are facing a tremendous challenge in switching from fossil fuels to green alternatives in response to climate change. Green hydrogen, produced from renewable energy, is the foundation for many decarbonization routes and therefore its production must be scaled up rapidly. We strive to bring the digital solutions needed to master the green hydrogen value chain and make hydrogen production projects more cost-competitive.
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Your hydrogen project partner
We are a dedicated project partner that bring together expertise in Industrial IoT, Digital product creation and advanced energy system optimization to your hydrogen projects. From day one we advice and design your tailored operations solutions to fit your needs. By connecting your hardware data with external data of the gas- and energy markets, solar/wind predictions, and end-customer demand, we can provide unparalleled insights on your hydrogen production, saving time and money.
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The Team
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We're here to launch the next generation green hydrogen. If you want to join this mission to democratize green hydrogen, get in touch with us today!
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